Friday 3rd July 2015

How would you like to earn six figures with your writing career?

Dear Fellow Writer,

It is very possible to make six figures with your writing career – no matter what you have been led to believe….

Pretty bold statement, eh?

Well – it is a bold statement, but it is also very true. There is a huge demand for good copywriters – and that demand is growing every day by leaps and bounds.

The direct marketing industry is a $400 billion a year industry… And with Internet e-commerce growing at 45% a year…

This is one writing career that will keep expanding…

… And as a freelance copywriter you can take advantage of that huge industry by learning how to write sales copy from one of the best copywriters on the planet – Michael Masterson – who’s sales writing has earned his clients over a billion dollars.

Joseph Heller was a copywriterwith Time Magazine and McCall’s.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote press releases.

George Orwell, Mark Twain, poet Fay Weldon

all wrote advertising copy in their

early careers.

Being a copywriter is the perfect writing career – and I know – it is what I do for a living. And Michael’s course is the first copywriting course I ever took…

Michaels course, “Michael Masterson’s Accelerated Guide to Six Figure Copywriting”, will give you everything you need to launch a successful writing career:

  • A step-by-step course that will teach you the basics as well as the secrets of writing successful sales copy
  • Assignments which you send into Michael’s agency – and which in turn are critiqued by professional copywriters
  • Also, you are offered the chance to write for some of Michaels agency’s clients
  • Finally, you learn how to set up your own copywriting business that could make your 6-Figure writing career a reality – from finding clients in your area to resources where to find additional copywriting work


Just how hard is it to launch a successful writing career?

Well – it takes a little money, some time, effort, and hard work. But, to be successful at anything requires the same things, right?

If you really want a highly paid writing career –

– and you are willing to give it your all…

Then just ask yourself the following 2 questions:

#1) “Am I willing to invest some money and my time for a successful writing career?”


#2) “Can I write a letter like the one on the next page?”

If you answered, “Yes” to those 2 questions…then, you owe it to yourself to simply…

…Click Here…


Dave Pierce