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Romance Writing Course

Romance Writers Wanted!
Best-Selling Romance Authors Show You
How to Earn an
Extra $7,000…$24,000… $50,000…Or More!

Dear Reader,

When I started writing, I wasn’t doing it because I expected to
sign a contract worth $97,500.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a top publisher offering
me that kind of money – and the kind of praise that comes with it.

In fact, I wasn’t thinking about the money at all. $4,000 for my
first book? $55,000 for a multibook contract? $97,500 offered in one
simple phone call? That was someone else’s life, not mine.

You see, I had no formal writing education. I went to a normal high
school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and from there took secretarial
jobs, a job as a flight attendant, and eventually a well-paid job as a
real-estate investment manager.

It’s when I finally started to make money that I realized how wrong
everything was.

I was in a troubled marriage. I was trying to fulfill the needs of
my two (adorable) children. And nothing was adding up.

But it wasn’t the stress in my work life that was wearing away at
me. And, to be honest, it wasn’t my struggles at home.

It was something else.

It was the fact that I had no way to express myself creatively. So
I started writing.

Then I Realized that What I Really Needed to be

Was the Simplest and Cheapest Thing in the World

…a few stacks of blank paper, some pens, and time to write.

Why romance? To me, there’s nothing more exciting than a love
story. (More than HALF of all paperback fiction readers agree!)

I had no idea that in writing romance novels, I was tapping into
the most sought-after fiction in the world, as well as the most
popular and profitable writer’s market.

Romance Novels Generate $1.52 Billion

In Sales Every Year

The romance market is the Donald Trump of fiction. It dwarfs all
the competition and it’s unstoppable.

Over 54% of all popular paperback fiction sold is in the romance
genre … up from 48% only 10 years ago.

Compare that with detective fiction at only 28%, and science
fiction, a mere 7%.and you’ll see that romance gives you the greatest
chance for success and a big income.

In 2001 alone, 2,143 new romance novels were published – up from
1,920 in 1991, and it’s going to keep climbing. The average romance
reader devours 10 to 40 books EVERY MONTH!

The Publishers Can Barely Meet the Audience’s

Demand for Fresh, New, Romance Fiction

There are about 40 million avid romance readers out there, yearning
for a new voice, a new story, and new characters. Some read a novel a

And they’re waiting for YOUR story, a story that will entertain
them, help them through tough times, and maybe even inspire them to
make great changes in their lives.

Think You Don’t Have What It Takes?

Let me put it this way.

For me, it started with a simple fleeting thought while I was
reading a romance novel: “I can do this.”

If you’ve ever had that thought, it could be your ticket to a new,
exciting life.

In fact, some of my colleagues say that it’s almost like writing a
good, long, love letter, or even a letter to a friend.

As an AWAI writer, you already know the secret hidden power of a
simple, direct message.

That’s all you really need to write a good romance. It’s just like
talking to a friend.

The first thing I did was take the ideas floating around in my head
and get them down on paper.

Then I joined a local romance writers’ group, went to their monthly
gatherings, and met some published authors. I learned to make my
writing fast-paced and exciting. I also picked up the tricks, the
secrets, the themes and plots that work over and over again.

I also learned the most important key of all: I figured out what
publishers will buy, and what readers will love.

You’ll Be Amazed at How Straightforward It Is

Of course, writing romance fiction is creative work but it’s also a
very clearly marked path. In fact, it may be the only genre left where
“new” and “breakthrough” are NOT always good.

Traditional sells! Because the publishers know it will work, and
the readers know they’ll get the thrill and enjoyment they expect.

Even better: Since AWAI has already done the hard stuff for you,
all YOU have to do is sit down and write!

It’s Really That Simple. Follow the Clearly Marked

That’s why you CAN do it.

In the first two years, here’s what I found:

  • A simple, straightforward, and very marketable romance novel can be written in as little as 3 weeks.
  • All it takes to jump start your career is ONE editor who likes your work and believes in your potential.
  • From that point on, you could be months – not years – away from signing a multi-book contract.


The first book I sold, a light romantic comedy called Daydreams, took me 3 weeks to write. A Harlequin-type publisher called Meteor Books bought it for $4,000 in 1991. Within a year, I was contracted for 8 more books. Why so many? Because the audience is guaranteed.

Get Paid Well – Up Front – To Write What You Love!

Imagine a $3,000 advance, with a $5,000 or $6,000 royalty payout.
That’s the LEAST CASE SCENARIO for a first-timer. $8,000. Not bad.

And it’s not unusual for a beginning writer to sign for $15,000 up
front and earn $20,000 to $40,000 in royalties (for one book).

But the demand for new writers is so great that a beginning writer
can even sign for a $50,000 advance and receive six-figure royalties,
or higher.

A front list author – there are more than you might imagine earns
in the millions, depending on their track record and how much the
publisher wants to print.

The Phone Call that Changed Everything

Less than a year after my first contract, I was contacted by a
Random House editor who had seen one of my books on a subway station
rack and offered to make me the lead hardcover author for a new
women’s fiction line. That offer led to another publisher offering me
a contract worth $97,500.

It all happened in one morning! One phone call changed everything.

Magazine covers, book clubs, USA Today best-seller lists, bookstore
best-seller lists, all the major bookstore chains, the works. And

It’s All Easily Learned!

Anyone can do it! I name among my successful colleagues: nurses,
mothers, lawyers, accountants-even grandmothers!

Write Your Fantasy … Then Live It!

How much you write, and what you sign for, is entirely up to you.

I know plenty of writers who maintain their primary jobs, ranging
from waitress to dental hygienist to lawyer. I also know writers
who’ve done so well that they write only six months out of the year,
and take the rest of the year to travel and relax.

But let me tell you .

There’s Something Even More Exciting Than The

And more exciting than the freedom.

It’s the excitement of signing your first contract and hearing the
editor tell you, .We love your writing. Do you have anything else like

Some of my colleagues would argue with me on that point; there is
also the unsurpassed high of seeing your name on the cover of books in
a big-chain bookstore. (And seeing your name get bigger and bigger, as
you become more and more popular.)

What Does It Really Take To Get Started? One Thing…

Determination. Once you start, all you need to do is stick with it.
The craft CAN be taught, and you WILL sell your work eventually, if
you follow our unique plan.

Tap Into Your Fantasy World and Write a

Even if You’ve Never had a “True Adventure!”

Now you can propel yourself into the most exciting career out
there, with an AWAI-exclusive course called Writing for Love
and Money: How to Be a Successful Romance Writer.
It’s the
first AND ONLY all-secrets-revealed guide to romance-writing …
complete with direct one-on-one work with a successful romance

With the help of my colleagues (all best-sellers), and the
expertise of the AWAI team, you’ll know how to MAKE YOUR WRITING
your work until it’s ready to go. We’ll even show you the best
publishers to approach … and the best ways to approach them.

Send Us Your Love Story … We’ll Give You the
Secrets To Making it a Best-Seller

When you use the secrets in Writing for Love and Money,
you’ll work directly with published professionals who’ll show you the
fastest way to position yourself for success.

And remember, you’re already getting incredibly advanced guidance
from the AWAI team of successful writers. Now you’ll get the
streamlined, fast track secrets of top- notch romance writers. An
unbeatable combination … and a sure-fire formula for success!

The writers on the AWAI Romance Board of Advisors write for all the
major publishers, including Harlequin, St. Martin’s Press, Signet,
BET, Topaz Dreamspun, Leisure Books, Kensington, Waldenbooks, and
HarperCollins. Some lecture at universities and seminars around the
world, some appear on international television, and some write for
film and television. Together, we’ve published over 70 books, with
four million copies in print.

This is your rare, exclusive opportunity to join an exceptional
group of romance writers.

Nowhere Else Will You Have Access to so Many

Accomplished Romance Writers . All Dedicated

to Fashioning You for Success!

Our world-class team boasts …

Silhouette Desire writer and Waldenbooks best-selling author Linda
Conrad. Just a few years ago, Linda was a stockbroker in southern
California. Now she has 9 published novels and over a million books in
print, with loyal fans all over the word. She lives with her husband
in the Florida Keys, where she enjoys gardening, driving her little
convertible in the Florida sun, and of course, reading and writing.
She’s an enthusiastic member of the AWAI Romance Board, dedicated to
sharing her great passion for writing and life with readers and
writers everywhere.

Sandra Kitt, an award-winning writer with 30 novels under her belt.
Her newest book “Southern Comfort” was just released this summer.
She’s published by Harlequin, Doubleday Star, Signet Books, Harper
Collins, BET/Arabesque, and St. Martin’s Press.

Considered today’s foremost African-American romance writer, she
was the first African-American to publish with Harlequin, and has
received critical acclaim from Library Journal, USA Today, and The
Black Scholar. An Essence magazine best-seller, she’s also listed in’s Top 25 Romances for the 20th Century. Her 1995 novel, The
Color of Love, is in its ninth printing and has been optioned by HBO.
A native of New York City, Sandra lectures frequently at New York
University, Sarah Lawrence College, and Columbia University. She
teaches a publishing course, and has appeared on Today, NBC, BET and
Good Morning America.

National best-seller (and AWAI Student Services Director) Marcia
King-Gamble is a Caribbean-American writer who makes Florida her home.
She made her official transition from travel industry executive to
romance writer in 1998 with her first published novel, Remembrance. As
a professional in the travel arena, Marcia has seen more of the world
than most of us can imagine, but it’s in her writing that the true
adventures of romance and excitement come alive. She’s published over
12 novels, with a new series scheduled to debut next year.

Our board also boasts Kensington and Leisure Books author Sandra
Madden, with over 14 novels to her credit; attorney and prolific
Silhouette author Carol Stephenson; and Stuart Starr, author of
children’s books and district manager for the national bookstore
chains Waldenbooks/Borders.

Why Do We Want To Help You?

It’s an unwritten rule that successful writers give a “leg up” to
up-and-comers, to help hopeful new writers like you write your own
stories, and prepare them for sale to a publisher.

It’s that kind of support that’s gotten us to where we are today.
And it’s that kind of savvy you’ll get with the Writing for
Love and Money
course. You CAN write a real page-turner and
give the romance reader what she wants.

Hook your reader from the first sentence: Check out these examples of great first lines, discover exactly what makes them great … then write your own!Use this amazing “trick” to get your first three chapters written – fast! (The beginning is often the hardest part – unless you have these excellent secrets.) Make your audience – and your publisher – love you with these themes and storylines that work over and over!Create dynamic characters: A compelling character can drive an entire series. (We’ll walk you through everything, from the way they might dress to their deepest dreams and fears.) This is fun and thrilling stuff for the writer as well as the reader – once you know the tried and true strategy. Avoid these first-time blunders. We’ve all made them, so learn from our mistakes, and find out how to transform a sagging plot into a taught, energetic story. Write a sure-fire ending that will satisfy your reader, and maybe make her a fan for life! Check out these no-no endings – and then try these hard and fast rules for an ending that will leave your reader breathless and ready for the next novel.

At key points in your writing, send us what you’ve done, and we’ll
give you the personalized attention and guidance YOU need, tailored to
your talents and ideas. Don’t worry! We don’t expect it to be perfect. We’ll show you how
to shape it and refine it. You’ll have your own complete novel in no
time. In fact …

You’ll Have a Complete, Compelling,

and Saleable Romance Manuscript

With Your Name on the Cover Ready to Present to the Market.

You’ll be shocked to see how much money you can get for it.

As I mentioned before, the least case scenario is about $14,000
(including advance and royalties). But, as you may recall, I received
a contract for $97,500, only two years after I first put pen to paper.


How Did I Get a Contract Worth $97,500

Only 2 Years After My Start?

Until now, nothing like Writing for Love and Money
existed. When I started out, it was a confusing mess of phone calls,
letters, long hours of industry research, and learning the hard way
about fatal writing and presentation mistakes.

Writing for Love and Money cuts through the
confusion to deliver the industry secrets that really count.

How to Get Published: Where to Send

You Work and How to Get Noticed Fast!

We’ll tell you – in clear, no-frills detail – what editors really
want, what they don’t, and what they’ll pay top dollar for. In other
words, we’ll give you the tips to make sure your writing gets moved to
the top of the pile. We’ve got it down to a simple formula, one that
makes it easy for you AND the publisher.

There is no way to estimate the true value of this kind of industry
know-how. But these top-notch authors have earned in excess of
$300,000 in the past few years alone. They could easily charge $1,000
for a single, individual private critique.

And their time would be worth every penny.

Of course, you’d pay $20,000 to $50,000 for a university writing
degree. A degree is a fine piece of paper … but it doesn’t guarantee
you’ll complete your own compelling and marketable romance novel …

Writing for Love and Money does – in the fastest,
most efficient, most pleasurable way possible.

And AWAI wants to make this special opportunity accessible and
affordable to anyone who wants to try it out. For just $290, you can
enter the exciting world of romance writing, and get all the tools and
guidance you need for real success.

We’ll guide you through the writing, then check and double-check it
until it looks like the books that are out there now. And we’ll show
you what it takes to sell it for top dollar . STARTING at about

Sign up for AWAI’s monthly plan, and pay only $29 per month over a
10-month period to gain access to the secrets to unlimited success as
a romance novelist. Or, you can save more than the price of
installment – orders paid in advance are only $249!

We’re confident you’ll get results. In a matter of months you’ll
have the real thing, ready to go.

Our Exclusive Guarantee

Simply follow our course and let us guide you, every step of the
way, and in an amazingly short amount of time you’ll complete your own
market-ready romance novel, and know how to get it sold for $14,000,
$40,000, or more. If you’re not convinced AWAI has given you
absolutely everything you need to get your new romance writer’s career
up and running, can return the unmarked materials to AWAI within 30
days for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

But, even if you decide to cancel, we want you to keep the FREE
gifts we’ll send you, just for trying out the course. These exclusive
AWAI publications reveal secrets you could spend months, even years,
searching for. We’ll send them to you absolutely FREE.

FREE GIFT No. 1: The Hottest Romance Markets &
How to Break In: Use this gift to get on the ultra-fast track to
success. It’s an exclusive romance publishers directory for AWAI
members only, that points you to the publishers we know first-hand
are looking for the kind of writing you’ll be doing. You’ll also
find the publishers who are most likely to accept first-time
novelists, as well as those who specialize in “genre” writing, like
sci-fi romance or historical romance. Use this savvy resource to
zero in on your perfect match (or matches!), and make it all happen
faster than you thought possible. You won’t find another resource
like it. When you’re ready to submit your book, this FREE gift is
your life saver.

FREE GIFT No 2: Keeping it Simple: Publishers’
Guidelines: Each publishing house has its own style, its own
persona…and its own distinct guidelines for submission. You MUST
know these guidelines in order to get their attention and clear your
way to success. You could spend weeks surfing the web and sifting
through reference books to get these very important guidelines.

OR…you can have it all at your fingertips, at a moment’s notice.
This FREE report lays it out for you, publisher by publisher – from
Harlequin to Silhouette to HarperCollins, and everyone in between.
It’s comprehensive, easy-to-use, and an AWAI exclusive. Get your hands
on it today.

If you order Writing for Love and Money today,
we’ll include both gifts FREE, just for trying our exciting new

Remember … you need NO formal writing education to succeed, and
there’s no other course our there that guarantees you’ll have your own
saleable romance novel written in a matter of months. And, you’re
completely protected by AWAI’s money-back guarantee.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to join us today!! We look
forward to hearing from you.


Marilyn Campbell

AWAI Romance Board Advisor


P.S. YES! You CAN write your own
saleable romance novel in a matter of months. We guarantee it. And
we’ll go one step further. To help keep your juices flowing as you’re
creating your masterpiece, we’ll include a third FREE gift: The Romance Daybook. It’s filled with 365 daily writing exercises, each a half hour long or less, designed to keep you focused on the keys to dramatic, vivid, compelling writing. Try one as soon as your Daybook arrives. Bump yourself up to an even higher level! You’ll surprise yourself, in no time.

P.P.S. Don’t wait. NOW is the time to act. Here’s why: AWAI’s own Marcia King-Gamble recently returned from the Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas, where she rubbed elbows with editors who were given orders from their higher-ups to
“Find the hottest new voices out there and bring them home!”
The market is hot, and it’s about to get hotter. There’s never been a better time to make your grand entrance onto the playing field!

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