Monday 6th July 2015

Are you interested in a copywriting career?

Dear Friend,

I love my copywriting career…

… Being a freelance copywriter is one of the best careers available to a writer who wants to make a very respectable income while still enjoying all the benefits being a freelance writer.

A copywriting career is demanding work – but, a lot of fun. And it is by far and away the best freelance writing opportunity on the planet if you want to:

  • Have the very real possibility of making over six figures
  • And have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world

I have done all the research for you on what opportunities and tools you need to be successful.

Believe me – I have taken about every copywriting course on the planet. And the handful that are any good are listed below.

The following is the first course that you will need to launch your copywriting career:

This is the only course you will really ever need to start your copywriting career. Not only is it very detailed – the program also is an interactive copywriting program where you send in assignments which are critiqued by professional copywriters. Just click here to learn more!

Here is what Bob Bly has to say about Michael’s program:

“This is the best course for copywriting I have ever seen anywhere in any form. Anyone who wants to get into direct response copywriting would benefit enormously from taking it.” Robert Bly, author of the popular “The Copywriter’s Handbook” and 40 other books!

Then, once you have taken Michael’s course – these 2 copywriting courses will add even more knowledge to your copywriting repertoire:

Million-Dollar Copywriting Secrets of The World’s Greatest Copywriters: The amazing program that has caused shockwaves among professional writers and marketers … an honest-to-God, “straight from the trenches” goldmine of proven information, tactics, tricks, and insight you won’t find anywhere else.

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If you have any questions about starting a copywriting career — please feel free to contact me!


David J. Pierce
Professional Copywriter

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